Viennese Singing Sisters

The group with seven members, in the early 1930s

Background information

Also known as
Edmund Fritz’s Singing Babies, Singing Babies, Viennese Seven Singing Sisters, Viennese Six Singing Sisters, The Seven Singing Sisters


Close harmony singing of popular and classical songs

Years active
1930 (1930)–1938 (1938)


The Viennese Singing Sisters (AKA Edmund Fritz’s Singing Babies, Singing Babies, Viennese Seven (sometimes, Six) Singing Sisters, and The Seven Singing Sisters) was a close harmony female singing group which originated in Austria in the late 1920s or in 1930, and which was active there, elsewhere in Europe, and in the Americas until the late 1930s. It made recordings, and appeared on radio and television and in film. It consisted of singers with vocal ranges from high soprano to contralto, one of whom would also play piano accompaniment. At various times, it had six or seven members. Despite the name, it seems never to have included any sisters.[1]


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The history of the group is poorly documented. It may have been founded in Vienna by Edmund Fritz (also known as a movie actor and director);[2] possibly in the late 1920s; certainly by 1930, when it made its first recordings. In the group’s early days, it was called Edmund Fritz’s Singing Babies.
In March 1930, a playlist records that the group performed on a German radio programme Funkstunde.[specify][citation needed] In May 1930, the group recorded four songs for Electrola, which were released on two 78 rpm singles. In September and October 1930, it recorded four more songs for Electrola, unreleased at the time and thought to be lost. Also in 1930, Fritz starred in the German short film Die Singenden Babies (English: The Singing Babies), apparently lost.[3] The title suggests that the group may have appeared in the film, but it is not known whether or not they did.
In 1931, the group recorded four songs in Milan for Columbia Records, three of which had Italian titles. The same year, it gave a radio concert in the Netherlands.[citation needed] Also in 1931, the group appeared in the Otto Preminger film Die Große Liebe,[4] under the name Die Singing Babies von Edmund Fritz.[5]
In 1932, the group appeared in the film Baby, starring Anny Ondra,[6][7] in which it performed the songs “Ich lieb’ dich, I love you, j